From the newsletters of 2012

Members receive a copy of the newsletter, Broad Green News, delivered to their door ten times a year. Here are a few snippets from editions of Broad Green News published during 2012.

The day we went to Canterbury
(June newsletter – the outing was on 13th May)
It was a cloudy day but dry, we made good time, a nice run down on the coach. Myself and my friends saw some of the members off on their maiden voyage on the river, as they rowed off into the sunset, outward bound on their boat. We found a place for a cup of tea and a meal, then we went for a walk about the old town and the Cathedral. Then it was time to make our way to the coach for the homeward journey. A very good day out.
Leon Arnold

Summer Faire at Elmwood School
(July/August newsletter – the Faire was on 7th July)
The weather had not been very good in the week before the Faire but we all hoped for at least a fine day. I arrived at Elmwood School at about 11ish on the Saturday, the weather was OK but it was overcast. People from the Cat Protection charity had arrived and had decided to take a classroom inside to avoid the weather. There were various gazebos set up on the field so they at least offered some protection from the wind. I was pleased that Frank had organised the tin tombola which both Cathy and I were helpng on. Just before we were going to open Brian arrived with wonderful cakes that Ann had just baked. Yummy! The fruit cake was still warm from the oven.
The Faire opened and people made their way to the stalls. It rained just a little but then it cleared up. Later in the afternoon I had a chance to wander round and look at the other stalls. Facepainting was popular as was the candyfloss, ice cream and jerk chicken stalls. There were a lot of stalls for children to enjoy like “Soak the teacher” and “Space invaders” which looked amusing.
Generally, I think people enjoyed it and had a lot of fun although the weather was not too great. Thank you to Brian, teachers and everyone who made the afternoon a success.
Viv Cawte

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