Another crisis in the area, another good reason to join!

As many of you may know or remember, Broad Green Residents Association began in 1974 in response to a crisis in Broad Green: the Council were planning to build a Northern Link road right through the area, demolishing homes and isolating some streets from the rest.

When they read about the proposals, a group of local people immediately got together to set up Broad Green Residents Association and to organise their campaign against the road. They campaigned vigorously – and successfully – for over a year: the plans were finally dropped in late 1975.

During those early years, thousands of households joined the Association and were glad to have it campaigning on their behalf – they could clearly see the threat to their homes if they didn’t unite to take action.

Jump forward to August 2011 and the need for Broad Green Residents Association is as great as ever. The crisis following the riots may be less clear-cut, but it’s still vitally important to come together to speak up for the area and everyone in it.

Take action now – you could:
~ invite as many people as possible to join the Association – individuals, households, shops, businesses and organisations
~ share information with other members (eg. Council information, meetings or plans), either through Brian on 020 8240 7110 or via this website
~ and take part in meetings and activities whenever you can.

Broad Green survived in the 1970s – it can do so again now!

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